The painting also features a woman who was moving a bench. However, the painting was unfinished, and the woman was not painted clearly. The unfinished condition of the art gives it its quality and the reason as to why many people appreciated it. The painting being unfinished brought another picture into the art industry. Millions of ink droplets have been displayed on the painting, which makes it one of the best artworks. A significant degree of smooth transitions of colour gradients is expressed in Les Lauriers Roses. The dimension of the painting is a height of 55.2 cm (21.7 ″) and width of 91.4 cm (35.9 ″). The medium of Les Lauriers Roses is oil on canvas. All these specifications show that Bazille took a lot of thinking before making this painting.

He worked hard for it, and it paid because the art was highly appreciated in the industry. Bazille loved his home, and thus, he wanted to paint it. He had a passion for art and had done other paintings before doing Les Lauriers Roses. Choosing to paint the backyard where the plants and flowers were was the best decision. A small part of the house is seen, but it does not destroy the garden painting, but rather it gives life to it. It helps bring out the whole idea of the art being a family home. Bazille died in 1870, and thus people are not sure if he would have finished the painting or if he had the idea of releasing an unfinished painting which changed the industry.

Frederic Bazille was inspired by the works of Eugène Delacroix, one of the best romantic artists in France. Frederic was born into a wealthy family, and they let him study painting when he still studied medicine. When he moved to Paris, he was inspired by the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley. Other than Les Lauriers Roses, other excellent artworks of Bazille include The Pink Dress, La Toilette, Landscape by the Lez River, and L'Ambulance improvise among others. Les Lauriers Roses can be found at Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio, USA. Many people buy the painting on online pages, and thus, one can have it as an artwork at home.